Paradise™ Hot Dog Bed
Paradise™ Hot Dog Bed
Paradise™ Hot Dog Bed
Paradise™ Hot Dog Bed
Paradise™ Hot Dog Bed

Paradise™ Hot Dog Bed

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Have you ever wondered what would be the perfect bed to buy for your dog, one that would bring happiness and joy not only to you but to your little furry friend too? Then the Paradise™ Hot Dog Bed is just the right thing for you! 


 Maximum comfortability - the bed is made out of high-quality cloth and fabric, making it very comfortable for your dog to relax and dream about chasing cats all day!

 Funny design - Impress your neighbors and your family, stand out of the crowd with our hot-dog design. Whenever you feel down, you only have to look at how happy your dog feels inside it to instantly change your mood!

 Maximum relaxation - due to the way the sleeping bed is made with two side mini lettuce barriers, your dog will feel comfortable and relaxed. There may come a time where it won't want to go for a walk, due to the nature of the bed being extremely comfortable!

😍Look how cute they are!😍

The bed comes in two sizes: L and S. However, the bed is NOT suitable for larger dogs like a german shepherd for instance. Please refer to the size specification to determine whether your little friend will fit inside it!


Size specification

L size - 75cmX65cmX25cm

S size - 60cmX50cmX25cm