Paradise™ Baby Educational Board (Age 2+)
Paradise™ Baby Educational Board (Age 2+)
Paradise™ Baby Educational Board (Age 2+)
Paradise™ Baby Educational Board (Age 2+)

Paradise™ Baby Educational Board (Age 2+)

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The Paradise™ Baby Educational Board is here to keep your child entertained, as well as teach them important concepts that they're going to use and need later throughout their lives.


👶 Keeps your toddler engaged: the board is going to keep your toddlers engaged in endless fun with the colorful pieces it comes with. Perfect for teaching your child to distinguish colors and appreciate the beauty of them.

👶 Cultivate your child's intelligence: the board gives your child a head start by allowing your baby to start developing its imagination and creativity from an early age, as well as developing hands-on skills. With moderate difficulty in mind, it will enhance your child's cognitive skills!

👶 Cultivate your relationship with your child: when your toddler encounters something that he isn't aware of how to do, this is the perfect opportunity to further develop your relationship with your child by giving him a helping hand!

👶 Prepares your child for preschool: with a variety of numbers, shapes, and colors your child will be well prepared for what is going to await him at preschool. The board will develop its color recognition, hand-eye coordination, number distinction, sorting, and ordering of numbers.


Q: What is the appropriate age for this puzzle?

A: The recommended age is 2 and above years.

Q: What kind of material is this toddler puzzle toy made of? Are the pieces safe?

A: The board is made out of wood and has been cpcs tested. It's proven to be safe for toddlers and children to play, without any sharp edges that could potentially hurt your child!

Q: What skills are going to be acquired when playing with the board?

A: Sorting skills, basic arithmetic skills such as addition, subtraction, ordering, color recognition are just some of the skills that your child is going to acquire or get better at!