Paradise™ Cat Litter Mat
Paradise™ Cat Litter Mat
Paradise™ Cat Litter Mat
Paradise™ Cat Litter Mat
Paradise™ Cat Litter Mat

Paradise™ Cat Litter Mat

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Paradise™ Cat Litter Mat is an innovative and new litter mat, designed to soak up and collect the remains after your cat finishes with her duties. The mat is perfect for every loving cat owner that is tired of having to clean up every time after his cat! With the mat, the necessity to clean every time is reduced to a minimum!


🧡Collects the litter like magic: With its innovative design, the mat collects the superfluous cat litter by dropping it through the foam net into the underlying collecting mat.

🧡Easy-to-clean and take care of: The mat is extremely easy to clean, given the way it's made. The excess litter that's been collected inside of it can either be thrown out or poured back inside the litter box. 

🧡Enjoy a clean bathroom once again: The revolutionary 2-layer system ensures that your bathroom floor will remain clean, even after your furry little friend has done its job!

🧡Keep your feline friend's paws clean: The mat provides your sweetheart with a pleasantly smooth ride and, on the other hand, gently cleans the paws off the litter.

🧡Never worry about litter footprints: The mat ensures that no litter would be spilled outside of its area of reach and no tantrums will be thrown!

🧡Save time and energy in cleaning: Let's be honest, the most annoying thing to do is clean after your beloved pet. With the 2-layer design, the mat is going to save you the energy and the time in cleaning 


Q: Is the mat waterproof and does it prevent urine leaking through?

A: The mat is 100% waterproof and doesn't allow the urine to sip through the bottom layer!

Q: Is the mat nail proof?

A: The mat is nail proof and won't do any damage to your fluffy little friend!

Q: Is this mat safe to use on luxury vinyl flooring or will it stain like rubber?

A: The mat has dimples on the underside allowing for airflow, meaning that there is no chance it will stick to the floor!

Q: Are the honeycomb openings large enough so that the grains fall through?

A: The honeycombs are large enough so that the grains won't stick on the upper side of the mat.

Q: Is it okay to put on wooden floors?

A: The mat is suitable to be placed on any surface!